Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Ourselves Available To God... Part 2

When we are available to God, lives change. First, we allow Him to mold us in a new way. Sometimes it is uncomfortable, and maybe even painful during the process as He removes parts of our character that were not inherently ‘bad’, but that previously kept Him from using us to further His kingdom. To become available, we must submit and surrender ourselves to His will.

“When we submit, we "give in," keeping the focus on ourselves.

When we surrender, we "give up," putting the focus where it belongs: on God.”

Early on in this life change for me, I learned I would undoubtedly be going to prison. (to understand why, read more from the Feb. 1 post: http://americancriminal.net/will-criminals-reform-change.)

At that moment, I relinquished to God that which remained, my future, and His use of me while in prison. The day I awoke in jail, I surrendered to God my plans, my life, my control. When I learned that prison was inevitable, I submitted to Him again, so that He could use me in “that place.”

Although it may be unthinkable, there was joy during the time I served because men did come to me to learn more about God, to discuss becoming a Christian, and to discover why I had a personal ‘peace’.

However let me be very clear, no one converted to Christ because I led them. It would have been great to do that, but it was not part of God’s plan for me. However, He was able to use me to teach, to mentor, to lead small groups in bible study. I was available to God for planting seeds in Christ, but someone else will be needed to water and fertilize, then reap the harvest for Him.

“Are you closer to God today than you were a year ago?

If not, could it be because the soil of your heart is unyielding, making you unavailable to His cause?”

Countdown: 46 Weeks...

This post picks up the title thread from last Tuesday. For those of you unfamiliar with this blog, I write it twice a week on both Tuesday and Friday. It will be completed the week of February 5th, 2012. (to understand why, read more from the March 8 post: http://americancriminal.net/48-months-ago-and-48-weeks-ahead.)

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