Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finding Work With a Record - Part 1

Is there still an American dream? If so, is it something a criminal must forfeit??
(Defined as: to lose or be deprived of, as property or a right or privilege; as penalty for wrongdoing. 
The article used for the March 25th post may help you understand how many of our society are affected by having a criminal-record, and thus cannot find employment due to current hiring methods. So then how much does it cost society when criminals cannot find work to earn a living? Does it create additional victims?(like the families of criminals who must ‘pay’ along side.) And is it fair or ‘just’ to deny anyone a job solely on the basis of their history, without regard to their willingness to change and improve?
So let me ask you a different question: Are you proud to be American? Believe In America? And do you recognize that in America we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world? So, although this is a one of the most unpopular topics to ever discuss, and no politician would dare to broach it, can we help criminals find work? 

To take a contrasting approach, have you ever heard the term: “Felon-Friendly”? It means a company will consider hiring a person with a record. That they will contemplate offering someone who is a criminal another chance. This is what our system needs to be more focused on, because after the “treatment” and “rehabilitation” programs are done, if one cannot find a job, where do they turn??

Perhaps this subject is too ugly a ‘blemish’, like a skin sore with a discharge and an odor that no-one wants to discuss or deal with it because it could transfer onto us, or possibly it would force us to look at the uncertainty of our own behaviors that we attempt to cover up and deny.

Maybe we have such a difficult time extending grace because deep down we sometimes struggle accepting it for the toughest stains we continue to carry, those we never fully give to Christ. In other words, they remind us of our own sinful nature.

Without a job, offenders will often revert back to what they already know... more of the same behaviors that sent them to jail in the first place. Do you agree? If it’s true, then what are we likely to get if we expect someone to remain insignificant, or stupid, or poor, or mean, or criminal? If we never show them love, or any other ‘way’, how can we expect anything different? How are they to change??

If we do nothing to help our fellow man,

then who are we?


We are the ones who did nothing.


However, if we reach out a helping hand,

then what are we?


We are the hands & feet of Christ,

part of a larger family of brothers & sisters,

the embodiment of love for one another.


Countdown: 44 Weeks

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