Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Target To Aim For

What is the purpose of this blog? If there is a mission, then Who does it serve? Which greater good?? Why does it matter? And Where does it start?

1. When this blog began, it was to call others(non-offenders) to attention of the need for mercy, compassion, and to serve by connecting on an emotional level with those(ex-offenders and their families) who struggle with the results of crime in their lives.  

The victims directly affected by crime we clearly recognize, but those indirectly affected, we rarely notice. 

2. To show how financially widespread those effects are by contrasting societal costs of housing the largest inmate population in the world, with the huge disparity of ex-convicts and unemployment.

* The plan to was to show how average people can help, and in turn improve our society,

by sharing my own story.

My purpose was to see healing occur in our communities by encouraging aid to those who no one else wants to help. This would reduce repeat offenses, minimize costs, improve families which had previously been broken, and give hope to ex-cons by educating the general public to the challenges we face when assistance isn’t available.


Because we all matter,

we are all connected,

we depend on one another,

and our actions affect everyone.

In many ways I have seen this blog already begin to show that it connects. Over 2000 people have viewed the encouraging video from February 11 - Here Is Hope. But is there room for more here??

On a practical note:

  • The federal government and fifty states spent a combined total of $69 Billion dollars on just over 2 million prisoners in 2008. That is over $30,000 to incarcerate each.
  • In the same year, both property crimes and violent crimes rates had continued to drop to a new low not seen in the US since the mid-1970s (NY Times & Justice Matters)
  • The nations current jobless rate is approximately 9.4%, but for ex-offenders it is more than 50%.

So, what can we do?
How should this blog move forward?
I invite your ideas.
I have a few of my own, but I want to hear from you.
Where would you like to see this passion I have go next?
Do you have a passion for it?
If so, which part?

Final thought:
Christ was known for doing the unexpected and unconventional.
I believe He would have walked into the prisons to save.
I think Jesus would have held them in His arms as they wept tears of shame and regret.
Can you see Him doing that now? Two thousand years after His death and resurrection?
If so, will You put on the face of Christ now?

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