Friday, June 10, 2011

A Vision Of Hope

How do You describe Hope?
Where do You find It?
For those of us struggling to find a life of meaning... it may seem elusive.
What if you have ‘everything’, but still feel mostly unhappy and dissatisfied?
How does someone who has ‘nothing’ still smile?
Being in prison doesn’t leave one with much.
Hope seems like a luxury.
But sometimes it is all we have.
Perhaps you are in a prison of your own making?
Divorced, you sit at home alone and in despair.
Addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, with a ‘need-to-feed’ that won’t quit.
Or an anger that never gives you a day off.
I struggle to think of those with physical infirmities who are severely limited,
whose entire “life” is confined to a wheel chair, or other restriction like a jail-cell.
But God...

When I become despondent and the Words of God are not enough,
I look to others who Have found hope in God.

With No Arms, and No Legs, Nick Vujicic has learned to do more than many,
to be both content and yet dissatisfied to live life without seeking more.
More from God, and more for God.
Nick has learned to give more of himself to others,
and in turn to stand taller
because of God’s grace.
See Nick’s website: Life Without Here

After seeing Nick’s enthusiasm for life & serving Christ to others
I realize that hope can come from anywhere.

And it is only when we use our own story
can those without Hope
begin to see a life with It.

In the past few weeks I have taken a break from writing my life into this blog.
Typically it is because of some simple questions that hound us all:

“Who are you to tell people about Christ?”
“If the people who used to know you and know what you’ve done could see you now, they’d call you a hypocrite.”
“Eventually, you’ll be found out and exposed as the fraud you really are.”

But God...

When I talk of Christ's redeeming grace,
then what I write isn’t about my past,
but of His glory.
Please understand, the story of my incarceration (read about it Here)
is about my failure to run to God,
because like Jonah, I ran away instead.

But God...

Intervened. Reclaimed me. Redeemed me.
Disciplined me, and stood me upright on His rock.

Next week a new short series begins: Where will you “see” God?

Countdown: 38 Weeks (read about this Here)


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