Friday, June 24, 2011

What's The Effect On Us When Helping Prisoners?

Do You ever doubt what you could offer a prisoner?
Question the value of what you have to give?

I often wonder if God could use me to do anything worthwhile.
How is what I say ever going to make a difference?
But the point is not whether I have anything important to say or teach.
Its about my obedience.
Allowing God to use me for encouraging others.
Will I make a difference??
That's not My job.
My job is to be willing.
To show up.
To invest.

It is bad to go without water or food
but it is worse to starve for connection,
and to die of thirst for hope.

Are you lost for purpose?
Does feeling loved escape you?
Here’s the answer:
Give more of yourself
more than you feel you should
more than is deserved.

  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s obsersvation: Generosity is a Wonder Drug. Anyone can lift their spirits dramatically by giving, helping, volunteering, or directly donating to those in need. Researches have a name for the medicinal power of giving: Helper’s High. This is the promise made in Isaiah 58: 7,8. “When you share what you have to help others, in that moment, you are worth something – and it will help you ease any pain.” Dr. Stephen Post of the Institute For Research on Unlimited Love offered this: ”To rid yourself of negative emotional states, push them aside with positive emotional states, and the simplest way to do that is to just go out and lend a helping hand to somebody.” Looking for a positive emotional sensation? Volunteer. Women participating in a study by the Institute For The Advancement Of Health reported that after volunteering time to help others, they had a physical experience similar to meditation or a vigorous workout. In a compilation of studies recently published, the exact phenom becomes clear: When we perceive that we’ve helped someone, we trigger the reward center in our brain, which produces Dopamines, Endorphins and Serotonins. These powerful chemicals give us feelings of profound joy, calmness and spiritual connection. We get as high as a kite, or gain the internal/chemical feeling of true Richness. We lift off, emotionally, and it lasts for days, sometimes weeks. Researchers found that you could reinject yourself with the WonderDrug Of Helping just by thinking about it. In his research, Dr. Post also observed that when we are in Helping Mode, our body produces Oxytocin, which is known as the “bonding hormone.” When faced with a crisis or a problem, people on Helper’s High spring into “Tend and Mend” mode, instead of the more aggressive “Fight Or Flight” mode. In other words, Helper’s High brings out the emotion of trust and nurture.
Give love by sharing your time.
Once a month, spend time with a prisoner.
Connect, and find a purpose outside of yourself
by loving on someone who cannot begin to earn it.

To some, you may be the only face of Christ
they ever come to know.

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