Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From The Prisons of Life, To Freedom

This week I am traveling on vacation to visit family
and I was struck with sadness when I saw my nephew.
At 19 years old, he is confined to a bed,
unable to walk, speak, or even swallow.
He can barely move one arm to touch someone else
or point to a sign that that says, “Yes” or “No”
which is used to decipher his needs and desires.

While I pondered his situation with my wife
I began to think of how many of us feel confined;
sad and depressed, we sit alone,
desperate for meaning, crying for hope,
but locked into our addictions, abusive relationships,
(whether physical or verbal), overwhelming financial debt,
jobless and on parole, or in a cell with bars for windows.
We see life solely from our negative view point
and we cannot see different until we change our perspective.

How about this...
What if we could regain some self-esteem,
some purpose or hope in our life
by reaching out of our comfort zone
and helping others?

Last night I went with my family
to feed the homeless at the Salvation Army.
Next to me on the serving line was a 90+ year-old woman,
armed with her cane, a big smile, and a huge heart.
She says she has been coming to help weekly
for 'twenty some odd years'
because she likes to help others
and it gives her a purpose for her life.
At the facility were also pictures of a young man in a wheel chair,
he had come with other teens to build cots for the homeless to sleep on.
And then I was reminded of Nick Vujicic,
the minister of Christ with no arms or legs
who travels the world to encourage others.
(you can learn more about him HERE)
Lastly, I thought of the two homeless men in Portland
who went to help build a house for someone else
at a Habitat for Humanity work-site.
(you can read more about them HERE)

So here is the point:
You may be at the bottom of the barrel
unable to pull yourself up
but you can still find opportunity to help others
and in the process, find something for yourself.

Until we change our behavior,
change the words we speak,
change our thinking to “What CAN I do?”,
everything will remain the same.

Nothing may ever be “Perfect”,
but it can improve and get better than now.

How will you do it on your own?
You will need help...
Seek Christ and His family,
and learn to reach outside of yourself
because even if you have wrecked your life
you can still change it by helping someone else.

My nephew may never be able to do more than to lift his hand
but he can still show us his love in that movement
and our love of him can be enough to sustain.

Now the question...
What will You do?
To change someone else's life,
and in the process Your own?

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