Friday, August 26, 2011

The High Cost of Pride, and Changing Perspective

In prison I learned much about myself
and the pride which told me
I could do anything I wish
without every having to pay the consequences.
My anger seemed justified when I drunkenly thought,
“How dare they not be available to drive me home
after I asked for them to do so!?!”
Hurt? Yes.
Justified? No.
And two people were injured as a result when I drove myself.

But my problem of pride didn’t begin there.
It was much earlier on when I somehow decided
that my value was determined by my personal view of myself
of the actions and behaviors of others toward me.
As long as ‘others’ liked me, or I had a good view of myself,
then I could do anything I want without being ‘disapproved’ of.

Pride is the sin satan uses most to undermine God’s value of me.
Yet if I sit still too long, I don’t like myself, or my past choices,
but if I get up and ACT, without asking God and WAITING on Him,
then I take power into my own hands,
and I miss what God intends by trusting Him.
This is my own pride rearing its ugly head again.

The lie that I must do something to make my situation better.
Otherwise, I may not like myself...

We often have a backwards thinking on this:
“Once I feel good about myself,
then my behavior will change,
after that my attitude will improve,
and my perspective on life will get better.

But it needs to be the other way around:
God loves you for who you are now,
and He will show you what you need to learn to live a better life,
then attitudes change and behaviors improve,
and finally you feel better about life.

What is the ONE BIG THING that you need to do to improve you perspective on life right now?

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