Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Seriousness of Joy

Do you take your Joy seriously?
While in church Sunday,
I looked up at the empty cross and tried to picture Jesus on it.
His body bleeding from the wounds on his hands, feet, head, and side.
 Tears began to form in my eyes as I imagined Christ suffering there for me.
Then an amazing thing happened...
a peace overcame me
and I smiled in joy as I realized,
Jesus wants me to walk in the Joy of knowing Him!

Have you ever stopped to consider this??
When we think about our place in the world,
and all the occasions to be serious;
focusing our energies on driving in our lane,
standing and waiting in a line,
calculating the cost of groceries,
cleaning up after someone else...
where is there time for our Joy?

When someone looks at us, would they know we have joy?

Most of us cannot stop long enough
to bother thinking about our last joyful experience
except perhaps when things go bad,
then we say, “I remember when...
things were better.”

We complain about our love life:
the kids, money,
and the government.
The music at church is too loud,
the weather is too hot,
or too cold and rainy.

Have you ever thought like this?
The troubles of life weigh so heavily
that we struggle to recall “the good times”.

I realize we have all become captive
to the fear of worry and uncertainty,
the unfulfilled hopes and dreams,
and the inability to do enough to make ourselves happy.

And here is the thing:
we were never meant to do so.

The freedom from our fears comes from learning to love Jesus
and what He did for you and me!
When I look up to the cross now
I find peace, and joy.
Christ reminds me that looking down
on these momentary issues
will take my eyes off of Him
and the Joy of eternity in heaven.
Now, I try to smile everywhere I go,
even when stuck in traffic,
because I know the future has hope,
and it is better than anything here.
The best part is I can experience Joy now
by coming to know Christ better!
And we must be serious about our Joy
or we may lose it again
by taking our eyes off Him
and looking to anything else.

You too can be serious about your joy,
because you know hope in Jesus Christ
every day of your life!

If you rarely smile, will others know you have Joy?


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