Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Waste of Second-Guessing Our Lives

Everyone has done it.
When given the time to think long enough,
we look back at our life and wonder...
"What if things had been different?"
It is a good question, with only one exception,
it does us no good if we cannot learn from it and change.
Often the time we take to ponder the past is a waste
and it allows satan too much fertile ground
to undermine our value in Christ.

Examples I have heard from the men I meet with:
*My wife ignores me,
she probably doesn’t think much of me,
maybe I shouldn't have married her,
wish I could find someone to love me,
and now I would feel justified if I cheat.

*The kids are a disaster,
my wife says I expect too much of them,
one is flunking out of school, while the other was arrested for shop-lifting,
maybe I ‘m a terrible dad and should never have had kids,
now my anger seems justified because there is no way out.

*My parents hate me.
They constantly remind me of all my failures,
especially the set-backs at work which cost me my job,
Now my family is struggling to survive, but all they see is how stupid I am,
Wish I could die, but I am too much a coward for suicide.

*I screwed up again.
There are only a few people who like me,
but for fun we get-high and steal things like cars,
and now I am going back “inside”, to the disappointment of everyone I know,
Maybe this is all I will ever know in life, and there is nothing better for me.

What do we all learn from this heartbreak of “reflecting”?

*Our past mistakes and triumphs become an illusion
when held on to for any reason other than to worship God.

It doesn’t help me, nor glorify Jesus, to beat myself up over the past.
Mistakes or not, it is time I learn to grow in faith,
believing in Gods value of me through the blood of Christ.

What does it mean if no one likes you
and your kids won’t respect you?
That your past behavior is built on a lie,
and now it can change for the better.
Pleasing everyone else is not the answer,
nor is asking for everyone else to please you.
You can learn to accept others for exactly how they love you,
however imperfect it may seem.
And you can spend more time with them,
seeking to know them better
even as you get to know yourself through their eyes.

The past changes when you see it as a tool for learning,
and now you can make new choices based on the TRUTH.
What you do with the time you have now
makes all the difference
in how people will see you in the future.

Try living with Christ,
accepting His love for you,
then share it with others,
and you will notice a change within.

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