Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Life of Failures

Are you a failure in life?
You may be surprised to learn
that most people think of themselves
as a failure in one way or another.

(There are a number of sources
which relate emotional/psychological issues
to a deep fear of failure
usually stemming from one or more events
which have already occurred in ones life.)
A few online sources:
Consider the events
which have sparked this ‘feeling’ in your own life:
A close relationship ended;
But are you a failure? Of-course not.

What about a problem at work you caused?
Not even close.

What if your mistake was so big
that people lost their jobs
and the company is now closed?
Still, does not make you a failure.

Perhaps you lost the family money gambling?
Hmm, lack of smart-thinking, but you are not a failure.

What if you committed a heinous crime?
A grievous mistake, but that does not make You a mistake.

Whatever mistakes you have done,
or failures you are responsible for,
it is the life you live afterwards
which determines who you truly are.

Consider Stanley "Tookie" Williams ,
co-founder of the L.A gang- the Crips,
who began making changes in his behavior,
to become an anti-gang activist.
He also co-wrote children's books
and participated in efforts
to prevent youths from joining gangs.
Not good enough?
The point is this:

we do not know what God has planned for us
nor how He can use the errors we’ve made
to further His kingdom, and to help others.

“The upside of failure is that failing leads to wisdom,
personal growth, resilience, and compassion.”

Murderer? God still used Moses.
Hateful of Christians? Paul became the great advocate.
Infidelity? Many to name, but King David comes to mind.

“Many of the greatest leaders have failed many times.
Before inventing the light bulb,
Thomas Edison failed a thousand times.
Babe Ruth had 714 home runs and 1,330 strikeouts.
Abraham Lincoln was said to have failed so many times,
in business, in his love life,
losing every election until his run for President
to finally became one of the greatest ever.”

Allow failure to be your friend not your enemy.

Old age isn’t an excuse either...
GrandMa Moses began her famous painting
when in her seventies!

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker.
Failure is delay, not defeat.  
It is a temporary detour, not a dead-end street.”

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