Friday, September 23, 2011

The Pain Of Our Past

Have you ever been kicked in the teeth?

When we think of this term of ‘action’
we can presume this to mean something specific, like...
a bizarre horse-riding accident,
or an extremely grueling Rugby match,
or an incident at work in un-safe conditions.

We can also relate this term to something else, like...
an un-fortunate event,
for which we are responsible.

And the reminder of this occasion
is like the pulling of our teeth without a ‘pain-killer’;
it hurts,
its messy,
everyone see it,
and it will take time to heal.

But what if someone close to you
came by and opened your mouth
to then dig at the soft tissue
until the blood spread everywhere
and the pain began again?
How much would you appreciate them
and the “help” they offer?

Recently a ‘helpful’ friend
did such a thing for me;
When we got together
he opened up old wounds
about people, places, & times.
I was left reeling with immense guilt
and a uncommon gratefulness
because this person claimed to
“still like & accept me”,
in spite of the blunders I made,
as if it was a huge undertaking for them.

Let me be clear...
these parts of my past were not part of my accident,
(you can read more that here (The Accident)
nor were they illegal, malevolent, or intentional.
They were just … dumb.
I still recall how I felt afterwards,
because this person ‘helped’ remind too well.

But here is the thing my ‘friend’ forgot about
the forgiving blood of Christ that now covers me.
I am no longer that same person.
I don’t do those same things anymore.
My identity is not tied to the mistakes of my past.
I can walk in the joy of Christ’s acceptance of me
and therefore I can kindly decline
the “kind-words” he offered:
the assurance of his personal acceptance
as if his view of me matters most in the world.

When we “get our head on straight”,
we know what God wants of us,
and if we live in that...
it doesn’t matter what AnYoNe ELSE thinks!

But living there is not easy
because rejection is all too real.
But I can make new friends,
by living out Christ among wherever I go!

Will you deny the “acceptance” of false friends
to walk in the strength that comes from Christ alone?

I thank God for grace. And I thank Him for truth. If it weren’t for His grace, the truth would condemn me. But if it weren’t for the truth, His grace would have no power to change me. -Steven Furtick

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