Friday, September 30, 2011

A Professional At Being Angry

Do you ever feel justified in your anger?
I do .

When in prison I saw many inmates
who held anger tightly to their chest
refusing to let it go.
Yet this happens all too much
in every part of our society.
From the driver who yells
when cut-off in traffic;
to the loyal sports fan
whose face turns red with rage
when an official rules against their team;
or the parent of a child
who has been disobeyed again.

It doesn’t seem to matter
who the target of our anger is
as long as we get to release it.

With criminals, it is often the system,
the judge, the DA, the police,
or even the victims themselves.
Sometimes we blame our family
friends, school teachers, a coach,
or society as a whole
for the ‘fair-chance we never got’.
Yet on more than one occasion
I have witnessed a mild mannered person,
whom people like for their quiet friendliness
stand and shout in a loud rage,
“Kill him/her/them!”

I have seen this angry hostility released
while watching a political figure on TV,
during the news of a criminal arrest,
and at a sports-game towards an opponent.
What does this seem like to you?

We have become a society
whose way to deal with fear & pain
is to let it out through anger
on someone, anyone,
whom we can justify as deserving it.

Most Criminals- Did they earn
to be your target-outlet?
Or your co-workers & customers?
Or the pet at home?

If we let our difficult emotions
turn into repressed anger
until we have no way to release it
then we can become known as having
A Profession of Anger.

People will not know us for our joy
but for our blame.
Other will not see in us love
but as always complaining.

We think of this as a small part of who we are
but to those who witness our outbursts...
we are just poison.
And many will choose to avoid us
so they do not have to witness our rage again.

The other day I stepped outside
ready to unleash my fury
on the person who rang our doorbell
when a sign had been posted
requesting to “please not use the doorbell.”
The gentlemen kindly pointed to the spot
where no sign remained
and I quickly realized that he deserved
something more of me... my best.
I was frustrated, and he became my outlet.

If I am afraid to let go of my anger
then it eats me from the inside-out.
I can choose to treat everyone better
than they may ever deserve
because that is what Christ has taught me.
and then amazing things can happen!

If you are a professional
whether a carpenter,
attorney, teacher, or teller,
you will best be known
by how you treated others
and how people felt when around you.

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