Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Security Of A Prison Cell

Would you ever consider a prison-cell “Safe”?

As ‘safe-places’ go,
a cement & steel ‘box’ may seem like one.

‘Outside’ forces cannot harm you.
No one else typically wants to enter.
And ‘inside’, you can live on your own,
with no one to bother you,
or ever ridicule and belittle you.

So aside from the times that can be dangerous;
leaving the cell to take showers,
walking to eat, or going to the ‘yard’,
a prison cell can become...

And unless you have a cell-mate,
one can spend all their days alone
in a voluntary solitude.

And that’s where the real prison exists:
On our own, connecting with no one,
letting no one near enough to reach us,
and reaching out to no one else.
We can think that once in a cell
its a place safe from harm.
A sense that nothing can happen to us
outside of our control.
And that’s all it is...
a false sense of security.

Sure, we may be protected
from harsh weather conditions,
from hunger & homelessness,
from being hurt by others,
from finding a job and paying bills.
But it isn’t real.
It is an illusion.
It’s fear.

You may be living in a prison-cell of your own making
afraid to reach out and connect with anyone,
afraid to take chances and be hurt,
afraid of being a failure,
of being rejected... again.
This kind of life is one thing for sure,
a slow death.

As one of my favorite movies
the “Shawshank Redemption” makes comment:
“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

To step out of our comfortable paces
confront our fears
and remember Jesus promise to give abundant life.

Consider the things that seem too difficult in your life today,
and ask God to bring restoration to the areas of pain and hurt.

Then ask Him for the power
to overcome you fear and step forward in faith,
even if only in a small way -
one baby-step at a time.

Reach out to someone new.
Take a step outside and breathe in the fresh air.
Risk, and live!

Don’t be so afraid
that you only live
in the prison cell life has provided.

“Lord, help me to do great things
as though they were little
since I do them with Your power;
and little things as though they were great
since I do them in Your name.”
-Blaise Pascal

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