Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Let-Down of Entitlement

Have you ever felt entitled to something?

After reviewing my last post (see it here)

reading some other authors

and sitting in thoughtful contemplation

I realized there is more to our anger than just fear...

If our anger stems from our own fears & pain

then perhaps our fears come from a lack of trust;

a trust that things will get better,

that we will receive the “good” we deserve,

because we feel entitled to something More,

something Fair- maybe even prosperity & security.

And this is where our lack of trust comes in...

that if there is a God, He should provide for me

and for everyone, something better than we have right now.

Our anger comes from this lack of trust in God, because

We fear God will not provide what we want & need,

and somehow we lack what we should be entitled to.

However if there is nothing better to receive,

then perhaps there is no God

because we still continue to feel entitled to 'More'.

Yet nowhere in life do we find this “guarantee”

to a better life than we have now

except through the God of the bible,

and He is clear that this current life will Never be fair

and we are entitled to nothing.

But we don’t like to hear this.

And the truth is that we must wait

for the best to come in heaven

after this life is done.

Whether we are a teacher, criminal, or professional athlete,

when we look at what we have been given

it is rarely enough, and we often want to scream “Foul!”.

We blame the politicians, the press,

the opposition, the boss, our spouse,

God, society, the government, and our past.

We somehow think we should be happier

more fulfilled, and better rewarded.

People everywhere should like us

and give us what we desire

but we never ask for what we deserve.

We act as if we deserve better,

but down deep we know we deserve less.

So how do we believe in a loving God

when life seems so unfair for most people?

To dig deeper, lets look at the opposite view:

When we see those to whom much has been given

can we expect them to be happy- everyday & forever?

That seems hard to believe.

But if they are ever unhappy again, is life now unfair for them?

This life is temporary, and no situation

either good or bad

will last forever.

And when I think on God’s plan for us all

to live with Him forever in heaven

with no fear, pain, or death

then I don’t need to be angry

or fearful of anything now

because I know that the best is yet to come.

“The thing that keeps us going for God,

even when everything or everyone around us is tumbling and stumbling,

is our vision of God, not our devotion to principles or our devotion to duty.”

- Oswald Chambers

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