Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Importance In The World

How Important Are You?
For most of us, it is important to feel significant
and our significance is often determined
by how many people like us (online or in person)
or how much one person in particular likes us
(a spouse, child, boss, parent, friend, lover)
whether or not we even like ourselves.

We can therefore ask the simple question;
what is it I do that makes other people “like” me,
and how can I do that More often?

Here is something which may be a of shock;
sometimes none of those people will like you
any more or any less for what you have done
than how you have made them feel.
Did you catch that difference?
When we do certain things that;
a) make us happy, or
b) make others like us more,
there comes a time when it isn’t enough,
or when everyone we know is disappointed in us.
Our efforts seem... meaningless.

Before my accident (read about it here)
my professional life was soaring
I had public recognition for my volunteer efforts
friends and acquaintances desired my time.
Yet after it happened...
there was very little I could do to encourage myself,
and after we all realized I would go to prison
few people continued to see my significance and feed my ego.

So while I was gone and incarcerated
serving others became more important.
It was after I had realigned myself with Gods purposes
that I began to see how self-focused I had been,
and when I took the time to make “them”
(the men I was serving time with in prison)
feel important, by listening and encouraging
did I begin to see my ‘self-importance’ differently,
by giving of myself for anothers benefit.

As long as our importance is tied
to people, events, and the circumstances of life
we are bound to be disappointed.
There will always be a failure of self-significance
until we find our significance in God
and in doing His work to help others.

“Francis Schaeffer once said
Americans have to learn to act as missionaries in their own culture.
If you’re a missionary, you learn the language of the people in the mission field.
Many of us spend our time in church at Bible study
but never figure out how to relate what we learn
to the culture, or to understand the other people first.”

Whether you have had a bad day
or you have lived miserably for years
helping Others to find their significance
can change how important You feel.  

Where could you share a kind word
if only to become a better person yourself?

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