Thursday, October 27, 2011

When People Change...

How do you know when a person has changed?
Do they look different?
Act, speak, or smell different?
Do they carry themselves in another manner?
All of these above??
More importantly,
when they say they have changed...
do you believe them?

Whether or not the person is a criminal
we often reserve the right to accept
that in fact a personal- change has occurred
until we see some sort of “proof”
and a significant period of time to support the claim.

When Dave Dahl came out of prison
after having spent 15 years “inside”
few people would likely say
he was a candidate for positive change,
but here is the amazing thing:
Dave made a decision to change himself first;
Then he asked for help and put in the effort to work hard.
Now he is known for one thing above all...

His fantastic bread!
Link from story in Safety &

Organic & locally made
Dave uses his creative energy
in new and powerful ways
that people everywhere can enjoy!

It would be difficult for anyone to say
that this man has failed to make the change he claimed.
Yet many of us will expect the worst
so we hold our breath,
and in the time we wait,
we fail to give our support.

So here is the point...
if one man can do it,
with helpful support from others
could you offer a hand
to help someone else do the same?

Here is a brief video of Dave Dahl & his Killer Bread:

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