Friday, November 11, 2011


I am in tears still as I write this, only moments after I watched the video: "A Football Game Gives Hope", with link below.

Once again I threw out my plan for today's post, and will go with the moment because I felt it impressed on my heart by God to do so.

To summarize, where do you find hope as a kid? In a football game? Playing for your fans?

What if you have no fans?


What if no one cares?


What if you go "on the road" to play, and no one shows up to see you?


Did you actually play (the game) if no one saw you?


Does it matter?


Do you?


One town gave more of themselves.


They cared, and it makes a difference.


Take five minutes and watch the video.


Then tell me what is important.


Because these kids need to know they matter.



You and I can make that happen.


Reach beyond yourself to help others break free from their past of pain.


Hope. Make it contagious, and pass it on.


Link 1 Here 


Link 2 (if Link 1 is broken)


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