Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Do I Do Now?

I am quick to laugh,
I laugh loudly,
and I like to laugh often.
I feel sadness,
I share in others pain,
and I sense each too frequently,

But it is the same God,
who allows me to experience both
the joy and the sorrow
of each situation.
Who am I  to deny either
or to question His design?
Because then I would miss
the best times in life;
laughing with those whom I care most.
And I would miss the companionship
of coming alongside another
to lend a shoulder and share in the pain.

I will walk the path
I will lend a hand
I will smile & laugh
even when times are tough
because that is how healing can begin;
helping another
and giving them hope for tomorrow.

Thank You to all those who have helped me.
Your friend,

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