Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Blog Post- The Worst Day In Your Life

Do you recall the worst day of your life?
 Not me. I struggle to do so.
It isnt because I have had it easy
but because my attitude has always been...

Was television to blame,
Causing in me a callous indifference
with an attitude of “seen that before...”?
Or was it the opposite,
someone telling me to expect life to be better tomorrow?
For me it was something else.
The secret is this... it was my mother.

Before you think the best of her,
as an invisible support system for me
she wasn’t.
If anything, she constantly reminded me
of how quickly things could get worse.
And some of what she said proved true.

The one time I have been shot-
it could have been worse.
The first time I witnessed death-
it could have been worse.
A drunk driving accident where I injured two people-
it could have been worse.
Walking into prison that first time-
it could have been worse.
You get the idea.
 But this attitude builds up a resistance to reality.
Now, only a few weeks after completing my parole
I am reminded of those times when
people asked about my stay in the “state spa”.
Rarely did I share the details.
Who needs them?
Most of us dont want to know
the suffering of another human
because it can hit us too close personally,
feeling real in ways we dont wish to imagine.

Truthfully, I dont wish to recall the memories.
But for once, I openly share some here:
Was their death inside? Yes.
Rape? Yep.
Drugs? You got it.
Gang violence? Fights? Blood? Affirmative.
Stabbings? Uh-huh, and blood everywhere too.
All the grossly-imaginable things
one human can do to another
and I was able to witness variations first-hand.

The blessing was I was largely protected
and able to escape most any harm to myself,
save a few times when the guards
took perverse pleasure
in making me squirm for their delight.
(read a good example by an “inside-author” Here)
 And perhaps that is what many of us cringe from most,
the knowledge of what one person can do to harm another.

My mother used to tell me
that my bad-behavior would be punished
by my burning in hell “for ten-thousand years”.
So when you have been scorched by heat once or twice
and you know hell has a placed reserved for you already
then not too much can scare a ten year old after that!

But here is my point...
the worst day I have seen is when
another person loses any reason to go on & live.
So worrying about the future,
or detesting the things we face each day
will likely get us nowhere.
But finding memories to be grateful for,
and thinking of a future in heaven with Christ,
can carry me through to the end
and no amount of venom or pain can steal that away!

So will you be indifferent?
Or will you offer a helping hand
and share the love of Jesus
with another who truly needs Him?


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