Friday, November 18, 2011

Suffocating Fear

What can You do well? Are You any good at anything??
Think about it...
Is there something you do well? What if you couldn’t do it anymore??
What if you lost the ability to do the ONE THING you have been successful at up until now?
How would your life change??
Tonight I watched Tim Tebow play a game,
something he is payed well to do professionally,
and although some of his efforts were a struggle to watch,
in the end he still did what needed to be done.
The amazing thing is this...
if “Timmy” lost his job tomorrow
perhaps if he lost the physical capability to perform
I think it would make no difference
to his joy, his hope, or his purpose in life.
When I was “gone” on my little vacation
There was a time when an insurmountable fear came over me.
And though I faced many each day, this was one more that tried my faith.
And it is the same for many
who have been served abroad in the military,
or have been incarcerated:

What will remain of my life when I return?

Will there be anyone home who loves me?

What if everything I have known is... gone?

How will I survive if I am left alone?

What will I do if there is nothing left?

In my own life, I feared that my wife would lose hope.
That in her frustration she would turn to another for love.
In her solitary pain she would spend her way through our savings.
In a grim depression she would sell my car, our house & possessions,
get rid of the dog & cat, and toss-out everything I knew & owned,
and move somewhere else.
With the amount of time I was set to be gone
my fear was immense, until at times I though I would choke on it.
The violence “inside” was one thing to fear
as was the solitary time alone with many poisonous thoughts.
But the fears of my wife leaving me for another,
taking all I had worked hard to earn,
departing with anything I held dear...
these were things I could not control.
I had no ability to affect anything or anyone.
No matter how well I planned to care for my wife once home
the promise could be too little for her to cope with.
Then I realized that even if I could not count on her
or an uncertain future once released
I could still count on the One who made all things.
I could rely on Him to provide a future.
I could give all my fears to Jesus Christ.
Because God knows me, my identity is in Him.

There is hope, even if she wouldn’t be there.
There is a future, even if there is nothing but Him
because He is all I need.
And when that fear was released
I was able to trust Jesus.
Then I began to pray for my wife;
that she would know Christ,
that she would know peace,
that she would know love... even if from another.
A new faith grew inside me
not one based on what I can do,
but on what Jesus can do through me
when I believe and call on Him.

Tim Tebow knows this too.
Tim’s joy, hope, and purpose are rooted solidly in the Word of God;
that Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior,
that we can have peace in a future with Him
after this world, after this job, after this time served.

On a slightly funny & sarcastic note,
have you seen the jerseys where the name “Jesus”
is in the place where Tebow’s name should be?
Well, the number may designate Tim, but it is still Jesus name over it!
Do you get the Irony?
Spelled out slowly for some who may not get it yet... Jesus is over us All.
And in this situation, He is over #15 of the 2011 Denver Broncos!



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