Friday, December 9, 2011

The Children of Criminals

Are You a Parent?
What if one of your children went to prison for doing something dumb? 
Would you pray for them?
Visit them?
Send them letters, and money for books?
Will you seek to learn from officials how they are doing?
Knowing so little about their life on the ‘inside’,
will you ask God to provide for their salvation and well-being?

Most parents will do anything and everything
to spare their child from unimaginable suffering.
However, some people won’t care & don’t make an effort
once their child has again “stepped over the line”.
For these inmates, the “time” they do
is another day of regret, boredom, and hopelessness.

What about their children?

The indirect victims of their crime,

often the most overlooked....

the children they leave behind.

What do they deserve?




Forgiveness for being born to criminal parents?


Could You be the one to provide them something?



You may never return to read this blog, so I will ask you to do one thing...

seek out Angel Tree, and give something.


Give to the indirect victims of crime, the children.

Click here to learn more: Angel-Tree 


Don't just think about it. Do it.


And again next year.

Plan on helping reduce a little suffering in the world.

Give compassion. Now.

Show mercy. Now.


Will You forgive the criminals enough to help their children?

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