Friday, December 23, 2011

Infinite Wisdom & Perfect Love

Do you ever wonder what “Infinite Wisdom & Perfect Love” would look like?

Recently, someone asked me to speak in front of a large group of people at a church service.
Although I have little fear of public speaking, this would be by far the largest(over 800 total attendants), and I was asked to to repeat the brief story I would share twice more in the same day to two additional groups. Sound like fun to you?? Neither was the idea to my wife!
While my story would last only 15 minutes or so, the thought came up that I should also prepare a ‘message’, as if to give the entire teaching that day. Seem daunting to you yet? Well here is my first thought, “who - in their infinite wisdom would ask me to do such a thing?! Have ‘they’ lost their mind?!”

When I was alone, I said these words aloud in jest.
Then in irony I realized how often I say the same thing to God when He asks me to do things.

In His infinite wisdom, God asked Moses, a man who had been isolated from most other people for 40 years, who was seen murdering a man, and possessing a speech impediment, to go forward and represent His people to the authority in Egypt.
Preposterous! How could ANYONE expect so much from someone with so little skill & training?!?
Oh. God can. Hmmm. Was that because it wasn’t about Moses ability, but his availability? Allowing God to do His work through him??
I guess my belief of what is important about a person, speaker, and leader has to change.

And as a man, I have an idea of what perfect love is.
I admit I do not possess it.
I can claim to love my daughter with perfect love,
but in the middle of the night when she is cryin aloud
it is difficult to ‘feel’ loving!
And though my wife once loved me
in such a way that I ‘felt’ truly loved,
does it mean she no longer loves me
if she doesn’t show love in the same way now?

So if God proved His love for me once,
why do I ‘feel’ like He needs to continue showing me everyday?
Maybe its because my belief of perfect love has to change.
Can I deny God loves me now
in spite of the blessings I receive,
simply because they don’t ‘look & feel’ how I desire to be loved?
Seems like I have heard something like this before...
an underlying thought in the minds of many,
that God didn’t ask me how I wanted to be shown His love,
and I am not sure I would have asked Him to send Jesus as my savior.
Does this seem arrogant, or what??
“I only want what I decide to choose for myself, and not what You want to give me.”
Maybe it sounds more like a petulant child,
and thats how we often act
when God doesn’t show up in the way we Expect,
like He has to meet our expectations
or else we may not truly believe & worship in Him!

The truth is this - Gods perfect love for us shows infinite wisdom,
and our self-centered hearts and small minds cannot grasp or change it.
But to believe it and accept it - that is freedom, and joy follows.

My mind is too limited to grasp what God has for me in eternity
and I can be grateful for this because I believe
it will be better than anything I can ever imagine!

Will You believe in God and His perfectly loving, infinite wisdom?
The alternative is much less gratifying,
for anything I conceive is flawed and short-lived
when compared to the beauty of what little I do know!


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