Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pray About It... Again.

Gods desire isnt for you to suffer.
Nor is it for you to have all that you desire.
Neither is it for you to know His will.
It is for you to know Him... more.
More completely.
To trust Him... more.
More faithfully.
To love Him... more.
More gratefully.
“To have more peace with God in your life
because you have made peace with Him in your heart.” (paraphrase Rick Warren)

Praying to know Gods will for your life is nowhere near as important
as seeking to know where your life can fit into His plans.
God cares more about us seeking Him every day
in every moment, in every situation, in every relationship,
more than he cares about what job we have
or which person we marry,
or the place where we choose to live.

He wants more of our hearts on a more regular basis,
like day to day, hour to hour, and moment to moment.
Do you think this is how Christ did it?
Learning to seek God first before every action He took,
in each thought, and before all that He spoke aloud?
When we know God in this way... more,
then we will know more peace, love, and wisdom in our own lives.
If you are in any kind of prison,
then continue to renew your heart and mind.
Do it daily, as each situation arises.
The first words we consider saying
and the first thoughts we entertain
are often the ones satan suggests to us.
What if we wait... asking God through prayer
to reveal a new way to respond?

If this concept is too bizarre for you,
then I suggest reading the book:
“The Practice of the Presence of God.”
You can find it at your local library.
But know this:
you are not alone in the thoughts you think of,
because others have heard the same lies from satan.
Find someone to talk with about such,
and no matter what, PRAY!
Again, for the things which concern you,
for God has an answer to all we bring to Him!

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