Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Prisoner Letter

Does God provide you with opportunities to do His good work?

Some time ago a friend of mine who works at a local church approached me and asked,
“since I know you are part of ‘prison-ministry’, who should I give this letter to? It is from a prisoner, and I want to ensure the right people to get a hold of it.”

This situation has ‘floored’ me for sometime.

At the time, my response was the name of a particular person.

Later, after I had time to reflect on the question and comment
I realized that he was implying that the letter came to him by mistake
and that he was not the best person to handle it.
But I was left uneasy and confused...
Why would anyone, be a minister or other Christ follower,
presume the arrival of such a letter as a mistake?
That they are ‘the wrong person to handle such a letter??


Did Christ call us to help others - only when Easy & Convenient?

Perhaps the difficult place is precisely where God wants us to be so we can grow...
In faith,
in love,
in patience,
in wisdom,
and in service to others.

If we seek to avoid the challenging and hard times in life,
how will we ever stretch ourselves,
sending our roots deeper into God’s fertile soil?

Will we ever learn how much God can provide for us

if we never accept the trying tasks He brings us to?

Later that day, I sent my friend a ‘text message’, saying this:
“Was it a mistake for you to receive that letter?
Perhaps God sent it to you for a reason.
Taking 30 minutes once a month to write a letter could give a prisoner hope,
and he may come to know Christ as a result.”

If God has more He wants to bless you with,
yet you refrain from taking the chance,
then you are in essence denying God’s desire to bless you in your obedience.

Perhaps your calling is to write a prisoner-letter, or some other duty.
But whatever it is, you have a mission to fulfill
and only when it is done in compliance
can you know more of what God has for you.

Will you take the offer when He puts it in front of you?

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