Friday, December 30, 2011

A Time For Renewal - Part One

What’s your plan for the year ahead?
Does 2012 hold a promise of new hope for you?
If not, what’s holding you back? Is it:
  • Other People ?
  • Uncontrollable Circumstances ?
  • God ?
  • or Yourself ?

If you believe that God, other people, or uncontrollable circumstances are holding you back from the life you hope for, then realize this - the one constant in this mix... is YOU!
To make lasting changes start with the one place you have controlling power over: Your perspective; learn to see things differently! Here is how you begin...

When other people seem to be holding you back, then find new people to be around. Let me clear about this, if you ‘hang’ with the same people you always have, yet desire a different result, then you need new friends & family to spend time with. Here is a deeper look at what I mean.
The people most familiar with our “past” can often see in us only one perspective: that of our previous behaviors, attitudes, and actions.

Your friends may accept you for who you are, especially if they were involved in the lifestyle that has led you to where you are now. But they may be reluctant to help support your desire to change. An example; when members of a group ‘like’ where they are, they often see anyone who hopes to leave as a sign that ‘the group is no longer good-enough’, and the life you have shared is inadequate. This is threatening because they do not wish to change, and your new desires point out this short-coming.

And though your family may love you regardless of all your faults, they may not believe that you can change for the better. After all, they have seen you in every area of life, and they cannot “see” things differently because they have only one perspective.

Even Christ was ridiculed by His previous neighbors when He returned to the town where He grew up. Had these same people traveled with Jesus and seen what He had done, then they too would have believed!

First: Make new friends. To do this, visit new places where you can meet new people!
Join a church bible study, or a recovery program, or a social club like Toastmasters, or even a local sports fan club!

The point is this, if the people you spend time with do not help in your desire to improve, then you need to question how they add to your life. Find NEW people to surround yourself with!

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