Friday, January 20, 2012

Donating Our Time, Money, and Body Parts

Why do we Donate anything?
Do we do it out of guilt?
A regret for the bad things we have done previously?
What about the self-imposed guilt of watching someone else suffer?
Would that provoke you to offer aid of some sort?

When I was in the military and anyone dear had died
we often felt remorse that it wasn’t us instead,
because we ‘got to go home’ and others did not.
After this happens, some will drown their sorrows in addictive behaviors.
Many will lash out in anger at their family, co-workers, and friends.
Both of these options can lead us these to prison,
or perhaps a psychiatric hospital for the internalized grief.
But a few will give of themselves - to voluntarily help others.

While this may seem an uncommon act of repentance,
a way of paying for the 'sins of our past’,
it does one thing different from the first group,
those who are self-involved, self-important, self-focused, self-centered,
and makes the problems of other people into a “We” problem.
No longer am I my own God, demanding attention for myself
in my own world of self-pity (Why Me?!? Poor Me!!)
but instead we look outside at the rest of the world
offering a helping hand,
donating for a purpose beyond our own self-interest,
and making the world a little smaller.
No longer a “Them”, but an “Us” instead.

Why do I donate & help others?
Because in helping someone else,
I feel good about myself.

Why did I become a donor for bone marrow?
Because when no one would offer me a job,
because of my arrest, conviction, and incarceration,
I could still offer something important of myself
to someone who truly needs it.

Of your time...
body parts...
and offer hope to someone who needs it.


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