Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learn To Love What You Do

Whats holding you back from chasing your dreams?
Whether you are a recovering addict,
an ex-offender bound by state-restrictions,
a stay-at-home parent,
an out-of-work engineer or businessman,
or spiritually bankrupt after making the worst mistake of your marriage,
you may have only one choice left to you, which is...
What will you do NEXT?

We who have fallen-down can let our lives be defined by the low moments in life,

or we can rise to stand back up on our feet and take the reigns for our future.

Start here: What Can You Learn to Love?
If its music- then write the song, the find a way to record and post it online.
If its poetry- draft the lines and submit them online... somewhere!
If its art- paint, draw, and sculpt, then take a picture and post it online.
 This is the age when our passions can finally take notice through electronic media.
And if you don’t want to market what you have done because it is too unlike you,
then do it anyway for yourself alone.
But no matter what, do it. Don’t wait.
In late 2010, I began this blog.
It may never go anywhere professionally,
but its a start.
This week I drafted my first in a three part short-story.
It may never be published, but it is still done!
If I was to create something metal by hand,
then I would start by looking for scraps at the junk-yard.
In other words, Find A Way to make “it” happen.
Don’t wait for anybody to help you,
nor for the perfect situation in which to begin.
Start now. Inspiration will follow.
And the experience will give you more
than anything you could ever have gained otherwise!
Plus, you will learn new skills, find joy in the process,
and new confidence in places you never thought to look.

When all my days are done

the one fear I dread

is to be asked by God,

“what did You do with the Gifts I gave you?”

Don’t hide them under a lamp-shade, but show them openly!
Some may not like your work, but so what?
Should we expect to please everyone?
Make mistakes. Openly. And learn from them!
Then try again, and get better.
Whatever “job” you may have, learn to live out your passion somewhere. 
Whether it is after work, on weekends, or when everyone else is asleep.
But live it out all the same.

It is better to try and fail,

than never to have tried at all.

What does this “Love” look like to others?
Perhaps a little insane!
But I am willing to take that label, and move forward all the same.
Because sometimes the joy is not always found in the result,
but in creating the work itself.
Check out this quick video from Steve Jobs,
and his view on loving what we do!

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