Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Time For Renewal - Part Four

Have you ever tried to figure out where you Could be right now?
You know the question, “If only this had happened”,
or, “If only I had done that instead”.
Those “would-a, could-a, should-a” moments when we look back in life
and see the times when life didn’t meet our desires.

We often want to blame someone,
and perhaps we Can spread some blame around!
“If They would have done their part, then I could have done mine!”
But in the end, it is the same... we had to make a choice back then,
and whatever was left undone has led to where we are now...
a place where we find our life Unresolved.
The easy definition of which is: not having been solved or concluded.

Our life has not concluded(ended),
but still we face insurmountable problems from our past.
We are left somewhere in-between; an open question,
subject to further thought and introspection.
Where do you begin? Where can we get the help
to change our mental perspective,
and to draw up a new path for future?

So far, we’ve looked at the people we surround ourselves with,
the circumstances of our past, and the ‘gods’ to whom we pray.
And the last part is the same:

what are you Willing to do to change?

First: start with self-development.
Perhaps you take a class about writing, or mechanics, or anything;
read a book about something of which you know nothing;
get an audio-program from the library and to learn to speak a new language.

Second: challenge yourself.
Complete the class for a grade, or complete your GED.
Submit your art or music or story in a contest for publication.
Then seek feedback from others,
especially a mentor, or more experienced artist from whom you can learn.

Third, and last: move out of your comfort zone, and help someone else.
It doesn’t matter how.
Maybe you mow the lawn of your widowed neighbor next door.
Or volunteer to teach someone the guitar, or throw a curve-ball.
You never know what kind of lasting effect you can have on someone else.
And, it will help your life to have more meaning.
Plus, you never know where it could lead!

Have you heard the story about Sam Childers, the “Machine-Gun Preacher”?
His life after drugs and crime is now a major motion picture
with Gerard Butler playing the lead part of Sam.
Check out his quick biography at the movie website Here.

Still not sure you understand what I mean
when I say - “what are You willing to do?”
What ever you are considering, Never Give Up!
Think. Dream. Create and make art!
Move into areas that challenge you!
Never doubt that your life can have meaning and purpose!
It matters not your age, income or educational level.
Simply... believe.
Believe you can do something that matters.
The never stop.

Want one more story to convince you?
Read about ‘Grand-Ma Moses’, Here, or Here.
Her life’s work was to be a mother, grandmother, farmer, and wife.
Except that in her sixties, she began to paint.
And this is how most Americans remember her,
because her art has been displayed worldwide,
sought after by thousands of people,
and shown in the Museum of Modern Art.
But none of her work became popular until she was in her seventies!

So never doubt what contribution you my yet have in the world.
But start now, and change you perspective!

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