Friday, January 6, 2012

A Time For Renewal - Part Three

Do you ever feel as though God were against you?
That no matter what you do, things always seem to go bad,
and therefore God must hate and despise you,
causing you to fail again & again??
And if this is true, where is there any hope?
This series is about renewal - by changing your perspective,
about God, life, and yourself in the course of history.

First, if you believe in God, that He made you...
then why would He ever want bad for you?
There is a lack of faith that says we know... better.
That life should be easier, more rewarding, happier,
and somehow we are missing out if life is anything less,
like God is holding back from us the desires of our hearts.

So if you do not believe in God,
is there ANY religion or world system that offers this “guarantee”??
There is none, and yet God has promised since the beginning
that while we are here on earth, nothing will be as it should.
So we realize that the desires of our heart must change
to be more in-line with Gods will, and not our own.
When we have faith, we know that peace
& goodwill towards our fellow man
comes when we first make the effort ourselves.

Second, if God wants what is best for me,
then why doesn’t He just give “it” to me?
Because He wants you to know Him better
and in faith accept His will on earth - as it is now.
This means that if I continually run into trouble
with jobs, relationships, finances, health,
perhaps it is because I can only see the situation
from my own view, and not Gods.

Want to get some new perspective?
Check this video about Nick Vujicic at Life Without

What do you see in him?

Does he feel sorry for himself... sometimes.
But he has purpose because he has learned
to see life through news eyes
and he knows God loves him!

Will you learn to see anew?
Ask God into your heart,
and to give you new eyes to see with!

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