Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Time For Renewal - Part Two

In your mind, what do you foresee happening in 2012?
Of these, which can you control?
The problem with unforeseen & uncontrollable circumstances is...
the negative reaction we have to the situation if we dont like the outcome.
In other words, it is our attitude which “kills” us.
Our attitude & behaviors come from the same place,
unrealistic expectations WE set-up in our mind
The brain holds a powerful tool which can allow us to overcome any obstacle, ever!

We have the power to create that which we allow ourselves to think on most.

In other words, if you believe you will find a way to overcome a problem,
then you likely will!
However, if you believe the issue you face is too large or too difficult,
then you are correct.
In either, it is a belief of what CAN happen, versus what Cannot,
and the one which wins is the thought you ‘feed’(think about) the most.

With God, ALL things are possible to him who believes!

Let me be clear; when you are praying for a situation,
do you ask God to solve the issue for you?
Do you ask God to give you the strength & knowledge to overcome?
These are good, yet very limiting prayers.
What if God’s will is to open the “door” for you,
but He wants you to try each door first until you are exhausted
that way you know the answer & solution came from Him alone.
Or perhaps God wants to bring other people into your life
and through them you will learn what needs to happen.
Again, you couldn’t do “it” on your own, but God provided a way.
Too often we set-up limits in our minds
as to how a particular situation should “unfold”
 and there-by we cut-out the possibility that God wants you to succeed
but in another way you never considered or imagined!
If God wants to bring you into a closer relationship with Him
but you are setting up expectations without leaving room for Him
then you are limiting the ways in which you can receive His blessings.
The negative and troublesome times of life
can be viewed in one way for all your days
or you can distill from them to reveal alternative possibilities and outcomes.
Discover new ways to see the life you have lived,
perhaps as inconvenient and uncomfortable “pit-stops” on a road-map
to the life you know God has in store for you!
What can you find out from the past?
And how can the situation you currently face teach you to see differently?
The obstacles we confront build strength to overcome,
the “long-road” gives us endurance for the race,
and the struggles help us to develop new skills.

In the end, it is our attitude that makes the difference.
From here we make alternate choices,
setting up future behaviors,
for a life with unlimited potential!
Because God has so much more He desires for you and me!


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