Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do You Ever Consider Giving-Up?

If so, why?
Do you believe the lie from satan...
that you cannot win?

When you have fallen,
stumbled, then struggled to get back up,
what makes you think you can never succeed again?

Watch this brief video by clicking the link:

Now tell me something...
can you believe what you saw?!?
The fact that she fell,
the fact that she was behind,
the fact that she had to run faster than her opponents,
just to catch up... should seem impossible.
And most people would agree,
including those who study Physiology & Anatomy.

The muscles, oxygen, and sheer physics it takes
to propel yourself at such a speed
should be unbearable to the human body...
but its not!
She didn’t Win because her body told her she could,
but because her mind followed her heart
and sent her body the clear message...

“I believe God made me for a purpose,
but he also made me fast.
And when I run I feel His pleasure!” -Eric Liddell

Do you think the runner in this video felt pleasure in running?
I do.
And I believe God placed it in her...
the joy to do what He made her for...
to Run fast!

Never doubt that God can use you to do something extraordinary.
Search for what it is He wants for you.
Seek it as if your life depends on it...
as if it were life giving oxygen,
or sustaining water.

Knowledge of the lord brings pleasure to those who seek Him.

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