Friday, February 3, 2012

My Own Vulnerability

What makes you feel Vulnerable?
Would it be an open view to your check book?
How about living in a glass house,
where everyone can see you daily?
Could you handle walking into a room
and learning that everyone there knows you?
Knows you name...
your history...
your “secrets”?
What about being ‘naked’ in front of crowd
when you are about to give a speech?
(That is a common one!)
Or to face death,
whether your own or someone you dearly love.
When do you feel most vulnerable in life?
How about when people get close to you
too close for comfort.
Perhaps it is physically, so close they can touch you.
Or perhaps they know your intimately
and the feelings you keep hidden inside?

I recently heard a story about being vulnerable
but in doing so we can then reach out and touch others... More.
The story is from a blog post, titled & linked here: Give Free Hugs.
It is based on a beautiful video
and as I sit in the coffee shop writing this post
I am in tears,
then smiling and laughing as I watch the original video.

The video link may get “cut” as there seems to be a legal issue,
so consider going directly to YouTube and watching it,
type in: “Free Hugs Campaign - Official Page (music by Sick Puppies)”.

Here is my point,
When I write this blog post,
I am a little more vulnerable.
When I share my personal stories,
the real worries and fears
I am a little more vulnerable.
You may not sense it yourself,
but I am still scared to share too much.

Without allowing myself to be a little more vulnerable

I cannot reach as many people.

If you couldn't find success
without risking more of your security
could you be limiting you own happiness?

What if your ‘lack of risk’ withheld from others
the growth that they can only learn from you??

I am a criminal,
A stay-home dad to our infant child.
No one will risk giving a job
to an educated ex-con
so I write each day of the struggle
to find acceptance and work.
But today I have meaning
because I will take one more risk
to reach out and be known
and in turn to learn about others.
(me and my daughter)

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