Monday, February 6, 2012

To Write More & Share More

Last week I wrote twice
about being Rebellious & Vulnerable.
I also did something ‘unthought-of’...
I reached out for help from a stranger.
I often encourage people to ask for help
from those whom they trust and know.
Since much of my day is spent reading
for inspiration and personal development,
I recently learned of an author
whose writing has touched me immediately.
So the night after sending my request for ‘guidance’
I heard an answer from above...
“Write more often,
and share more about yourself.”
When I awoke the next day, I had no reply
except that which God gave me.
And it is enough.
In the past, I have lived in Rebellion,
not because I did the opposite of what God said,
but because often I ignored Him.
Why should I bother to write more?
Will it matter if my writing is read by so few people?
The answer to these questions came,
but were more difficult to hear than before:
“Do it for the additional experience,
practice and learn how to improve,
and do it because I tell you to.”

So today I start a new program,
of writing four days each week,
with only 250 words per post,
to tell more about God,
and what He does for me each day.

Maybe the same advice & wisdom are good for you;
No matter where you are in life...
create more + disclose more.
Because we all need to “see” one another
as both ‘unique’ and ‘similar’.
And when we see each other better
we feel less alone.


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