Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whats the End of the Story? -Part 1

Last week I heard the sad story
of a man who had survived prison,
came out to begin ‘back-room’ preaching
only to return recently
not as a minister,
but again a convict.
I cannot tell more details of the story,
except of the sadness in my friend
who shared the heart-felt account.
These two had both been “preachers”
in the same town...
but on opposite sides of the street.
Somehow they developed a friendship,
by sharing word of the saving grace in Christ.
We all enjoy hearing stories of triumph,
when some-one “pulls themselves up”
and somehow succeeds in overcoming their past.
Yet sometimes, thats not the end of the story.
We hear about people who have everything
only to lose it all by doing something foolish.
How did they come to this?
Will we be able to avoid the same result?
Where is God in this situation?
And perhaps most daring...
What is my/your part in the story?
We are not meant to live alone
to “do life” isolated from other people.
Yet we often fail to ask for help,
and even more common... we fail to offer it.

Perhaps we are too far removed
to have known the severity of the problem.
“There just wasn’t time”, or “we didn’t talk anymore”,
are both convenient excuses
to help us keep ourselves “clean”.

What kind of 'friend' are you?

"What is the ultimate gift?

Giving to someone who hasn’t asked for help."

-William Arruda from Career Distinction


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