Thursday, February 9, 2012

Whats the End of the Story? -Part 2

There was a time
when two people would swear a personal oath
but spilling their own blood.
Taking a knife, they would each cut their own hand,
letting the blood fall to the ground as they swore allegiance,
to help one another and defend one another,
share with one another their resources,
to walk beside the other in the difficult times,
and to celebrate success together.
The two became one, because sometimes
we are not strong enough to stand alone.
I can feel bad for my friend when he fails,
but if I am not there to help him get back up,
what kind of friend am I?
Perhaps you know not where to begin.

For some, the best conversations we ever had
were when we sat in silence with our friend,
saying nothing verbally
perhaps not even a direct glance
and yet the best “talk” we ever had!
How can this be?
Why is this quiet time together so important??
Maybe... because we feel more “accepted”.
By being there with our friend, yet in silence,
they know we truly love them.
Because we ask nothing special of them,
nor must they listen to us speak.
Perhaps like a mirror
they simply reflect back to us
what we need most...
to know someone cares for us,
wherever we are in life - right now.

On Monday, we’ll wrap up “The End of the Story.”

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