Monday, February 13, 2012

Whats the End of the Story? -Part 3

As a rope binds twine together
to make a cord of incredible strength,
so to friends can strengthen one another.
But alone, we are a single, weak strand.
(The best vitamin for making friends? B1)
It start with You.
The right words may escape you,
but the action will speak even louder.
The best part of the “hand-cutting” story
where the two have pledged an oath
is when the friend leaves his home.
In traveling the world,
others will see the scar and know,
“this man is not alone,
he is spoken for - by someone dear to him.”
The scar became a symbol of protection
and few people would take advantage of that.
For if the man was trapped & enslaved,
taking advantage of by robbers,
or worse - killed,
all would know to expect “the friend”
to come looking for the other,
and to avenge their loss.

Are you so close to anyone
that they know they could count on You?
Would you wear a shirt with their picture on it,
letting everyone know who you stand by??
Would you walk with a friend
as they go through the toughest time in their life...
a terminal illness.
A bitter divorce.
A prison sentence.
Recovery from an addiction.

Make the plan now to show up for your friends.
Dont wait for them to ask.
Even if it may scare or embarrass you,
show up.

People may question the choices of your friend
but they will never question the value of your friendship,
and you can help them change the end of their story.

“A Real Friend walks in when...
everyone else walks out.”-Unknown

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