Thursday, February 16, 2012

When We Are Full of Anger

When we are full of anger,
it becomes a deadly toxin within us
and then there is no room for love or joy in our lives.
We must learn to release the anger,
to make room for for what we want most.
We must begin with forgiveness
of ourselves, and those who hurt us.

Then we can rebuild with gratitude,
for what we have and hope towards.

From this will grow a wellspring of joy and love,
and peace will follow as an added result.

Can you release anger
to make room for something else?



Learn to let go.

Release the anger...
the poisonous lie of self-will
to ‘win’ at the cost of another person.

Let love win
by letting it in more.

May God give us each "new eyes" to see with,
a new heart to love with,
and refresh our minds for a better understanding of His will.

(I am traveling this week, so my posts may seem brief!)

Blessings on you all!


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