Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Support Ex-Addicts & Ex-Offenders?

We often cringe at the idea of someone getting a “free-ride” from us, the government, or from our family and neighbors.
Given what they don’t “deserve”, rather than earning what they get...

But what happens when an ex-addict or ex-offender cannot make a better life without help?
Or better yet, what happens when we Do Offer the help they need most??

Catch a terrific article Here to learn some of the overwhelming reasons Why offering assistance is important.

Want to learn how You can be a part of the solution?

  1.   M25 H.O.P.E. Business Academy - why does it matter to You?
    1. ↓ your taxes, because fewer people return to prison (costs ~$30K/yr to house/feed/watch each inmate)
    2. ↑ community safety, because better jobs mean steady income & stability, with less crime
    3. ↓ employee turnover, because employees are better prepared to work
    4. ↑ personal joy, in yourself and others - knowing you helped improve someones life, and the new life they get to experience
  2. Why should you listen to me - who am I?
    1. 15+ years professional work experience in private industry & US military
    2. formal education with both a Bachelors & Masters degree
    3. certified coach plus more than 12 years as a volunteer mentor
    4. The biggest reason - I struggle to find traditional work because I am a felon, so I know what struggles are faced each day and how to overcome them.
  3. How do You help - what can You do?
    1. make a financial donation to sponsor a student
    2. consider hiring a graduate, or making your workplace available for vocational training
    3. Like us on FaceBook, Here where matching funds will be donated  - $1 for every Like up to $500!
    4. got to the M25 website and give funds safely & directly  Here.

Maybe you can do something Today that can help make a difference...
Because the world needs more mercy and love.

How can You live out that mercy and love today in Your part of the world?


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