Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Would A Person Return to Prison?

Can you imagine living in prison
and the difficulty of daily life on the “inside”?
Would you ever think of prison
as a place where someone wants to go?
What if that life on the “inside”
made more sense to you
than the life we have in freedom out here?
In the past few days I have written about
the end of the story for our friends who fail
and how we can give them the support they need most.
I have also written about giving up when life seems tough.
So what happens when despair sets in...
and the loss of hope has us see only one option;
going back to prison to finish our days?

I never could have imagined this option to life,
until my first days in prison.
Where I met two men who Wanted to be there!
They had lived on the streets so long...
cold, wet, addicted to drugs and alcohol,
and starving for food and attention.
But without the help they needed so bad
they could only see a prison cell as the answer.
Need to eat daily? Go back to prison.
Want a bed to sleep on? Get a free bed in jail.
Cold and wet every? Stay dry & find clothes “inside”.
Want to go “cold-turkey” from an addiction,
but fear their availability on the street? Hide in jail.
Thats right - I said Hide.
Because there are still more stories I heard
of those who could no longer handle their life;
loss of their job, wife leaves them,
and the kids cannot stand to be around them.
So with no purpose, no plan, no hope or love,
they commit another crime.

Can You see why some may find an appeal
to living in a prison?
There is structure. The is routine.
And in an odd way, there is safety.

Will your heart reach out to these
who have lost so much
and see so little that remains?

“Love means to love that which is unlovable, or it is no virtue at all.” -G.K. Chesterton

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