Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are You Alone In Your Suffering?

If that word doesnt fit, try struggles.
Or circumstances.
Too vague?
Need me to be more specific??
How about your unemployment or job loss.
Or in your pain and illness.
What about the death of a loved one?
Or divorce, bankruptcy, even natural catastrophe?
Maybe even in prison, depression, or rehab.

“The disciples couldn’t see Jesus in their grief.
If you’ve had a loss like that,
you may have missed the fact
that God has walked through the entire experience with you.
You were never, ever alone during that time.
You couldn’t see him,
but he was there.
Ask God to show Himself to you.
He wants you to see Him.
He wants you to know you were never alone.” -Rick Warren


  • How does God show his presence to you?
  • How do you think grief blinds us to the ways that God is providing for us?

Rick paints a beautiful picture which we may still yet miss...
Christ walks with us wherever we go,
but we must invite Him through prayer.
Prayer is more than praise and thanksgiving,
it is a conversation with our best friend!

God doesn’t prevent disaster from happening so that we can know Him better.
He comes to walk with us in the midst of calamity
so we understand that this agony was never part of His plan.
(In Genesis, everything God created was good.
And only after Adam & Eve ate of the fruit
did God condemn man, and the earth we walk upon.)

If evil and hardships never happened to us,
we may miss God completely.
We may run on by, happy in the fulness of a life “well lived”.
But would we still honor God?
Would we seek to know and worship Him?
Or would we seek our own pleasure first??

As a father myself, I realize
that I cannot protect my daughter from all harm.
But if I can, I will walk with her through it all,
and if I cannot, then I will teach her
that God walks with her everywhere she goes
calling to her for an invitation
to share in the love He has promised!

Christ has the power to redeem and restore you,
no matter where you are in your walk.
You can claim the victory in Christ now,
and know the comfort only His love can provide.

This “place”... is temporary.
It is not our home.
Nor was it ever meant to be!


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