Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Comparing with Moses, the Murderer

How do you compare your own sins
against the act of murder by Moses?

Most of us cannot claim to have taken a life,
whether in the heat of anger, or accidentally.
Some have killed while in the military,
and those memories may haunt us,
but is it the same thing as murder?

We all seem to know the difference,
and in our hearts we feel it is wrong.

The dictionary defines the act different
depending on which word is used:
to kill, slay, assassinate, slaughter, butcher,
but the result is the same - life was taken.

And yet... God did not condemn Moses.

In the bible, Moses murdered a man in anger,
yet was it still a sin
since the Ten Commandments had yet to be given?
Did Moses know in his heart that it was wrong,
and if so, how?
Did Abraham, Father of the Jews,
(who lived long before Moses), know such rules?

I believe God places inside each of us
the knowledge of Good & Evil
yet because we live in a fallen world
we are sinful by nature
and choose it more frequently.

And I believe that God allows us each to live
instead of striking us dead for our sinfulness
so that we can learn what His love looks like,
and so we can become part of His story of redemption.

How was Moses made right with God?
He believed.
Then he moved forward with Gods call on his life.
And that is what God asks of you.
To believe, do His will, and learn to love Him back.

Moses was not perfect, but he did Gods will.
If God can forgive Moses and use him,
do you think He can do the same with you?

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