Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Mask the Pain

When a starving woman in an African hospital was asked if she would like anything for the pain from the injury she received during the nearby war,

she said no - 'because the pain was useful to her'.

When told the food was all gone at the hospital,

she asked to receive prayer for her family.

Then when offered a bible in her native tongue,

she devoured it daily as she recovered.

Each day she waited until everyone else in the ward

had received their portion of food,

meaning she sometimes went hungry when it was all gone.

Her reasoning?

“I can survive another day on the word alone.

And when the pain is all gone - I will know I am heaven

with He who loves me eternally.

But if the hunger and pain fades,

I may wonder where I am, and shall consider myself lost.”

There is a beauty in the mournful truth of her words.

Yet I know she will never be “lost”.

Because she walks with Christ now,

and He is her Savior everyday,

in every situation.

When your pain and hunger is gone,

do You turn to the Word? Or the World??

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