Thursday, March 8, 2012

Handling Objections

Most of us will never know the feeling
of being on the outside and looking in.
This comment may seem general & inaccurate,
so please let me explain...

Most people dont find themselves homeless,
addicted to chemical substances,
or incarcerated for committing crimes.
And because of this ‘difference’
there seems to be a huge chasm between people,
too great to ever cross.

We cannot imagine what it must be like,
so we dismiss and disregard those who have.

If you are on the receiving end,
what can you do to handle these objections,
the wordless indifference that keeps us all dis-connected? 

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” ~Stephen R. Covey

Instead of waiting for the rejection, ask a question.
Take the time to learn about someone else.
Find a connection, and build a bridge.

Were they ever in the high-school band?
Part of the chess club, academic games, or debate?
Did they ever feel “left-out” because they were different?
Was it fair to be excluded?

While crimes and social status may seem widely dissimilar,
they’re not.
They leave people out.
While one is commonly accepted,
they both make the “other” to be our “enemy”.
But everyone can change.
I can learn to play a musical instrument,
and you can learn better fashion tips!

We all want a chance.
The opportunity to make a difference.
To better ourselves, and to matter.
Start by helping them see your humanity,
and how you are both “alike”.

Gods Kingdom had no place for selfishness or indifference.
Until then, Lets begin here.

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