Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Do You "See" Your Life?

Each day, you and I make a choice.
We see ‘something’, and decide if it is good or bad.
Or rather, our life unfolds by both chance and intention
and we feel the results have but one meaning-
either to be positive, or negative.
But what if we could learn to see both?

How much effort would it take for You to stop,
and before concluding with a specific result
you looked to see anything else?

Our first(although simple) example -
My wife works as a nurse, yet sometimes is put “on-call”,
which means she doesn’t work, and instead stays home.
Is either one good or bad?
You choose:
My wife worked last nite, therefore she earned us an income.
My wife didn’t work last night, and we got to spend additional time with her.
Some would say, “yeah, but... she didn’t earn an income when at home.”
And that is fact, but that forces us to look at the situation in only one manner.
The truth is different, depending on how we choose to see it.

When I went to prison, we all saw the “fact” of my incarceration.
But I chose to view it with different eyes.
So I began with a question, “How could this event be any ‘good’?”
This forced me to make a list of intentional goals,
and the most important - was to reach others for God.

Now, what I see of my “time-away” has more than one effect,
of which - I grew in faith,
I learned more by reading & studying,
I mentored and tutored men,
my relationship with my wife took a deeper intimacy,
and I pray that a seed of faith in God was planted
so others could come to know salvation through Christ.

Now, when my “business” struggles to make money
I have more time at home with my daughter,
and I can learn to be the father she needs me to be.

How will you view the events of your life?
Is there anything positive in the circumstances?
Could you choose to see it that way instead?
Because then life takes on a more beautiful color
and we can learn to trust God more in each moment,
where every situation can used for “good”.

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