Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Reduce Recidivism

This is something I know a little about.
To give some perspective...
I may hold both a bachelor’s & master’s degree,
an Honorable discharge from the US military,
and am certified as a professional Coach & Trainer,
but what I know better than all these combined is this:

None of Us does Life ALONE

and neither will You make it through on your own.

 We are not meant to live in isolation from one another,
and those coming out of a homeless shelter,
a recovery program, or a prison know this too.

If the government knew how to rehabilitate people,
do you think they would do it?
It costs the government more money to continue doing the same thing
and expecting these individuals to change one their own.
So why doesnt the government do something different?
They dont know HOW.

So here is where it happens...
with the Support of Friends, Family, & the Church Community.

By teaching new life skills to those recovering from addictions,

the criminal offender, and the homeless,

we can alter the perception of what is possible.

Too many of us have lost hope as things are now.
Yet one of the most rewarding gifts we may ever give
is the helping hand needed to change a life - Forever!

When I returned from prison, I was surrounded by supporters.
Loving family flew to town for the welcome home.
Friends made dinner for me and my wife.
Former co-workers and supervisors offered to write recommendations.
I had help getting to required county meetings.
There were support groups at church, and men to pray with me.
In other words, I was Never Alone.

And God reminds me of this even now,
three & a-half years after my release.

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