Monday, March 12, 2012

Prayers For The Weak, and Those Who Watch Over Them

O God, our Father,

We ask You to bless those for whom there will be no sleep tonight;

those who must work throughout the night to maintain the public services,

doctors who must wake to usher new life into the world, t

o close the eyes of those for whom this life is passing away,

to ease the sufferer’s pain;

nurses and all who watch by the bedside of those who are ill;

those who this night will not sleep because of the pain in their body

or the distress of their mind;

those in misfortune, who will lie down in hunger and in cold;

those who are far from home and far from friends,

and who are lonely as the shadows fall.

Grant than in our own happiness and comfort

we may never forget the sorrow and the pain,

the loneliness and the need of others in the slow, dark hours.

This we ask for Your loves sake.

-William Barclay, Scottish Bible Professor

Think about the plight of those who are struggling with the bare essentials of life...

Lord, I ask You to provide for and care for those whose lives I have thought about today...

I ask what You would direct me to do to “regard” those who are in these struggles...


- Kurt Bjorklund, American Pastor (excerpt from his book- Prayes For Today)

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