Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reconnecting Families & Rebuilding Lives

Why should You care for the lives affected by criminal behavior?
Because families get hurt.
And our communities suffer as well.
It is not just the victims, or the individual offender.
Its everyone.

I am not saying that punishment should be withheld.
What I am saying is that once a sentence has been pronounced
and especially when the sentence has been served
we should all take part in helping to re-build lives.

When we discard the people who are lowest on the “social” ladder
we judge them as insignificant, and ourselves as morally superior.
We take away the respect they need to change
and in turn we All suffer the consequences.

God made us all to be in relationship with Him,

and in relationship with one another.

When we discount others for their sins, crimes, and hardships,
we judge them as being un-worthy of a relationship with us.

To better illustrate a point - here’s a picture of me with my daughter.
Would you help us re-connect?
Am I still allowed to be her father, or have I lost that “right”?
Would you deny us the privilege of rebuilding our relationship?
Then maybe You can find a way to help.

Start where you live by supporting Prison Fellowship,
and M25 H.O.P.E. Business Academy in Oregon.

Because the Kids matter.
Because Husbands and Wives matter.
Because Family matters.
Because my family lives next to yours.
And together we can change lives right where we live.

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