Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Talk About The Un-Discussable

Theres a ‘Pink-Elephant’ in the room.
Its large, and often knocks things over, making a mess.
It smells, and although invisible, we cannot escape the stench.
And the most important part: when we dont talk about it...
it often hurts more people, which could have been avoided.

 What am I referring to? A couple of things, such as...

  • how our to kids learn to be at odds with the church.

  • how our behavior doesn’t reflect our beliefs.

  • how we avoid the uncomfortable places in life.

  • how much the worlds approval means to us.

  • how we often run from difficult situations, instead of running to God.


“Consider your life - every aspect of it.  

Does it all belong to God?  

Does it all praise God?

Chances are you're going to say no.  

That's okay, because today is a new day!”

When a married couple struggles from indifference and a lack of love, it is often because they dont want to discuss the struggles of their relationship.

Work through the pain. Dont mask it.

When you child comes home to announce their failure at some social event, dont think of how small it is to you, move into a conversation. Listen to them.

When an employee discusses their personal problems, quit trying to leave the room.

When the church fails to show love to a social outcast, be different. Break from the ‘herd-mentality’. Embrace the person, and show what Christ redemption means through mercy.

“I was part of that strange race of people

aptly described as spending their lives doing things they detest,

to make money they don't want,

to buy things they don't need,

to impress people they dislike”

-Emile Henri Gauvreau

Christ wants us to be a part of one family, but it begins with an honest assessment of who we are. Continues when we are held accountable. And thrives when we live together, building each other up. Forgiving, and showing compassion, even when it isn’t deserved.


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