Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What are Our Similarities?

Many times I hear of horrible crimes
and why a person must Hate someone else as a result.
We blame the offender, the attorney, the judge,
police officers, politicians, and our entire system of law.
To vent our wrath on just anyone would be objectionable
so we find those those we disagree with most
and they become a lightning-rod for all our anger in life.
But what if... we knew them?

You may know someone who has done a terrible deed
and you may detest them for it,
but what if they were still Good at something?

Perhaps they are still a good parent.
Or a positive role-model who lost all their money gambling.
Do we take such a ‘hard stance’
that we can no longer see a “person”
and instead only see the “mistake”?

Can we find anything similar between Them & Us?

Would you acknowledge a reformed criminal
trying to become a better employee?
Or a politician who once accepted brides,
but insists on becoming a better husband?
Here is my point...
If you knew of One similarity
for which you could respect another person
would you give them a second chance?

Maybe its time to try and view others differently,
and perhaps see "Them" a little more like “Us”.

In my limited time here on earth,
I have learned a few important similarities in all people:
We have ALL known fear & pain,
and We ALL want to know more Joy.
We wish to be appreciated for anything,
and to be part of something bigger than ourselves-
A friendship, a family, a team, a band, a cause.

What sorrows have You known?
And what do you hope for most?

And That is how I see we are all similar.

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