Monday, March 26, 2012

What Do You Stand For?

Before prison, I am not sure
how I would have answered that question.
I enjoyed sailing, learning, teaching, mentoring,
being a friend, relaxing & enjoying life.
But, what did I stand for?
Anything which held my interest.
Yet nothing in particular.
I had a loving belief in God,
yet I didn’t stand for God.

If you walked into the same room with me,
it may have gone unnoticed,
that I had any joy or purpose
beside that which fancied my immediate concern.
Was God important to me?
Although you wouldn’t have known it.

How would you know if someone loves Christ?
Would they wear a “cross pendant” hanging from a necklace?
Or have an ink tattoo with a favorite bible verse?
Would they profess their “love” with their every other breath?

Maybe... just maybe, it would be in their behavior.
And perhaps they would show their love for God
by continually denying themselves,
to instead lift up others,
and to show Christ in their actions.

Did I love God? Yes.
Did I deny myself? Rarely.
Did I help others? Sometimes.
How can it look different for me, now?
By giving up my more of my comfort,
by letting go my fear of the unknown,
releasing my false ‘control’ to God,
to willingly walk in the places where Christ calls me,
regardless of how I am to be “perceived”,
or whether I could be rejected.

Have you heard the concept of a six-word “biographical sketch”?
It could be considered a ‘motto’, or personal mission.
For King David: “A Man After My Own Heart.”
So recently I came up with one for myself:
“To boldly love God and Others.”
Because if I am truly a “believer”,
then I want to truly look like it.
I dont want their to be any doubt.

Where did I get this idea?
In a beautiful post by Dave Branon in
Our Daily Bread - for March 21, 2012, link Here.

“You cannot make it as a wandering generality.

You must become a meaningful specific.”

-Zig Ziglar

And isnt that what Christ wants of us?
To be either “Hot or Cold”, and not "luke-warm"?

What will your “sketch” be like?


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